Abundant Life Family Podcast

Every Christian parent wants tools and tips to help them raise their kids in a way that creates resilience while also connecting with them. They want to know how to point them to Jesus in everyday situations so their kids come to know Him personally. This parenting journey is a marathon, not a sprint. And you need someone to walk alongside you, encouraging you to stay the course and grow into the parents God designed you to be.
Fortunately, the Abundant Life Family Podcast is here to equip parents with a biblical foundation and practical resources, with celebrations along the way. This podcast is designed to help parents cultivate an environment in their home that helps families WIN…
Walk the path of discipleship.
Initiate weekly conversations by intentionally setting aside regular time to read God’s Word and worship together.
Never miss a God moment by intentionally connecting spiritual truths to everyday life.
Join hosts of Abundant Life Family Podcast for 20-30 minute episodes twice a week as they help parents walk through every stage of family life. From toddlers to teenagers or pre-marriage to grandparenting, they have you covered.
The Abundant Life Podcast, launching the week of August 20, 2023, is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and YouTube!